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Colchonero Chat

All new podcast episodes will be tagged thusly.

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Colchonero Chat: Déjà Two

Jeremy and Robbie are back to discuss Atlético’s second 2-2 draw with Villarreal this season.

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Colchonero Chat: Copa del Rey review, Villarreal preview with Villarreal USA

Villarreal USA’s Zach Hicks joins Jeremy for this edition of the program.

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Colchonero Chat: Atlético halt losing run

Jeremy and Robbie talk about Atleti starting 2022 with a win over Rayo.

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Colchonero Chat: Nightmare at Nuevo Los Cármenes

Jeremy and Robbie return to break down another loss.

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Colchonero Chat: There’s gotta be something funny about this

Jeremy and Robbie are looking for positives after Atlético’s loss at Sevilla.

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Colchonero Chat: Mistake-laden Madrid Derby

Atlético fell behind to Real Madrid and never recovered, and Jeremy and Robbie are here to discuss what’s next.

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Colchonero Chat: Expected fights

Jeremy and Robbie break down Atlético securing Champions League progression with a fiery win at Porto.

Colchonero Chat: Examining Cholo’s future

Jeremy and Robbie debate where Atlético are headed next as their repeat title hopes fade.

Colchonero Chat: A wise man’s tweet

Jeremy and Robbie record al fresco after Atlético rebounded from the midweek meltdown.

Colchonero Chat: Still at square one

Jeremy and Robbie reflect on Milan, the metaverse, and more.

Colchonero Chat: Felipe Airways

Jeremy and Robbie return to discuss the big Brazilian’s match-winning goal against Osasuna.

Colchonero Chat: Meltdown at Mestalla

Jeremy and Robbie sort through how Valencia turned the tables on Atlético.

Colchonero Chat: No more parties in Liverpool

Jeremy and Robbie are back to discuss Atlético’s capitulation at Anfield.

Colchonero Chat: Betis beaten

Jeremy and Robbie are back to talk about Atlético’s Sunday evening triumph.

Colchonero Chat: Simeone making sushi

Jeremy and Robbie look back at Atlético’s strange, controversial draw against Levante.

Colchonero Chat: Correlation, causation, chaos

Jeremy and Robbie reconvene to talk about Atlético and Real Sociedad.

Colchonero Chat: Seeing double

Analyzing a thrilling night and a tough result at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Colchonero Chat: The Many Saints of Madrid

Jeremy and Robbie break down Atlético’s home win over Barcelona.

Colchonero Chat: A Champions League comeback

Jeremy, Robbie, and Peter Coiley analyze a thrilling game at San Siro.

Colchonero Chat: A group of frustrated individuals

Jeremy and Robbie reflect on Atlético’s deserved loss at Alavés.

Colchonero Chat: Better Luis than never

Full analysis of Atlético’s latest comeback victory.

Colchonero Chat: Angry Atlético held against Athletic

Jeremy and Robbie are back with a full analysis of Saturday’s matchup.

Colchonero Chat: Porto problems

A full Atlético-Porto analysis available for all listeners.