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Atlético Madrid Podcast Network

For all Colchonero Chat and Partido a Partido episodes.

Partido a Partido Podcast: Lemar, Félix and Suárez steal the show in Barcelona win

Taha and Emmanuel have a guest on the latest episode of the podcast.

Colchonero Chat: The Many Saints of Madrid

Jeremy and Robbie break down Atlético’s home win over Barcelona.

Partido a Partido Podcast: Another late win ahead of Barcelona clash

Taha and Emmanuel have a special guest on the newest PaP Pod.

Colchonero Chat: A Champions League comeback

Jeremy, Robbie, and Peter Coiley analyze a thrilling game at San Siro.

Colchonero Chat: A group of frustrated individuals

Jeremy and Robbie reflect on Atlético’s deserved loss at Alavés.

Partido a Partido Podcast: Suárez brace, listener questions, Alavés preview

Taha and Emmanuel talk all about the Getafe win and more.