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Partido a Partido Podcast: Atlética de Nueva York

A very special fan shares her story.

“Me at Levante. Our peña flag in the background. I went to say goodbye to Godín, Filipe Luis and Juanfran. I met Godín, Juanfran and Filipe Luis the day before the match as they stepped off the team bus to enter the hotel. I miss all three of them terribly. Juanfran traveled to Alicante this spring to attend the annual “cena aniversario” of my friends from the Peña L’Alacanti. I will always love Juanfran.”

Taha is joined by Ashley (@nyc_atm), an American Atlético Madrid fan who travels regularly to watch the team in the flesh. She shares her stories about the club and sheds light on what it’s like being a foreign Atlético fan in Madrid.

And excitingly, we have photographic evidence to document the stories!

“The lovely photo I received from Don José Eulogio Gárate. I will be forever grateful”
“I met Doña Margarita Luengo. She is the lovely woman who places the flowers on the corner of the pitch in honor of Milinko Pantić.”
“These are my dear friends from the Peña Atlética Móstoles. Felipe is in the middle, José is on the right, His father was friends with Don Vicente Calderón, and was the groundskeeper for the stadium, We had our seats together in the last row of Section 427 the first year on the Metropolitano, but have since moved closer to the pitch. They are like fathers to me.”
“The approach to Estadio Vicente Calderón the day of the match vs Leicester City”

Worth mentioning that game against Leicester featured THAT Atlético Tifo (which of course, Ashley participated in making)

“I remember my place on that tifo, at the bottom of that A for Atleti”

It truly doesn’t get much better than this for an Atlético fan. Find out the details about the stories and more in the episode below!