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Atlético Madrid withdraw from Super League

Atlético say they have taken the decision with collective harmony in mind.


Atlético Madrid have officially announced their decision to withdraw from the European Super League, just three days after joining, citing “circumstances that no longer exist today.”

The club released a statement on Wednesday afternoon wishing to communicate that it will not go ahead with its link to the project.

Six of the ESL’s founding members from England withdrew from the project on Tuesday night, with Juventus CEO Andrea Agnelli admitting Wednesday morning that the remaining clubs could no longer go ahead with the plans. Inter Milan followed Atlético in pulling out of the failed project, leaving four teams: Barcelona, Juventus, Milan, and Real Madrid.

The three Spanish clubs remained steadfast as the dominoes fell Tuesday. Atlético, however, were first to announce their departure on Wednesday as it became apparent that the entire plan had collapsed.

“For this club, the harmony between all of the collectives that make up the rojiblanco family is essential, especially. (among) the fans,” the statement read.

“Atlético’s first team squad along with the manager have shown their satisfaction with the decision, with the understanding that the sporting merits have to come first above all other things,” the statement concluded.