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Liverpool 2-0 Atlético Madrid: Player Ratings

The ratings from a disappointing loss at Anfield.

Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Starting XI:


Although the keeper conceded twice, once from Diogo Jota and the other from Sadio Mané, it could easily have been more. His saves helped keep Atlético Madrid within striking distance. However, Oblak and his defense have blinked first and fallen behind in eight of Atlético’s 15 matches this season. —7


Cleared the ball well and made a few sound tackles, but beaten too easily by the thunderous Mané-Mohamed Salah duo. Defending against them is by no means a simple task, but Hermoso was turned around one too many times and played almost the whole match on a yellow card. —4


Looked like the Uruguayan missed Stefan Savić’s presence along the back line. Had trouble keeping up with Liverpool’s attacking speed and tempo, which gave the hosts respite in the middle of the pitch. —4


Definitely a night to forget for the center-back. He failed to follow Jota on the opening goal 13 minutes in, then Mané doubled the hosts’ lead with 20 minutes gone. The Brazilian made a few sloppy interventions in the first half, culminating in needlessly tripping Mané as he drove down the field. Combined with his failure to present himself to the referee, this resulted in a straight red card in the 36th minute. —2


Played very wide and actively looked to get involved in Atlético’s attack, but he didn't do much when in possession and was frequently outnumbered by Liverpool’s press. —5

Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images


The usually-mobile machine couldn't take on players one-on-one or get many shots with offensive opportunities scarce. The Belgian tracked back and worked hard, but Liverpool played with pace and bypassed him on the left flank. —4


When his team was able to scrape out some time in possession, it was Koke who facilitated and moved the ball to open up the play. Especially in the first half, his switching out wide stretched the opposition and led to some attacking gears turning. —6

De Paul

On the ball, he did well to switch the point of attack. His defensive work rate was a highlight — he never stopped running for the team. His defensive efforts slowed down Liverpool in the midfield and allowed Atlético to realign, particularly after the red card. —6


The 26-year-old’s presence was scarce, as he only finished with one shot. Correa couldn't turn and run at players as he normally tries to do. Serrano replaced him in the 75th minute. —4


Like the rest of the offense, the Portguese was stranded with the red card basically deciding the game. Félix will look to regroup and regain form against Valencia on Sunday. —4

Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images


Had his one chance called back for offside, a goal that would have brought the game back to life. Suárez was subbed off for Héctor Herrera in the 59th minute, a strategic move to get the striker off his legs. —5



Came on for João Félix in the 59th minute. The defender picked up two tackles and hustled to create wide opportunities. —5


The Mexico international replaced Suárez in the second half and had a great chance to bring the game to 2-1 on the counterattack, but he dragged his shot wide. —5


Replaced Koke with just over 20 minutes to go and received limited touches. —N/A


Replaced Carrasco in the 69th minute and got right down to business in defense, coming up with a few clearances. —5

Javi Serrano

Making his first team debut, the 18-year-old academy product played the last 15 minutes at Anfield. —N/A