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WATCH: Griezmann releases teaser video for his decision

Antoine Griezmann is expected to announce his decision soon and he has released a clip to build the tension.

Antoine Griezmann has released a teaser video for his much-ballyhooed decision as to whether he will stay with Atlético Madrid or go to Barcelona. According to Partidazo on COPE, there have been two versions of the video recorded: One in which he says he is staying and one in which he says he is going.

In the video, he says there has been a lot of talk as to whether he stays or goes and when he will say it but the truth is what he will say now...

...before fading to black.

The tensions builds — or recedes, I’m not sure which one.

Nonetheless, he is supposed to announce his decision Thursday, with Patricia Cazon of Diario AS explaining he would pick Atletico and most likely do it before the World Cup as he promised. Further, it would be before France’s first game so Didier Deschamps’ side could avoid any further distractions. He looks to be dragging it out, though. Reliable Barcelona journalists are saying he has picked the Camp Nou as his destination for next season, while reporting in Madrid and in France say he will snub LaLiga’s champions.

Maybe Griezmann himself doesn’t even know.