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Luis Suárez seems to say Antoine Griezmann will sign for Barcelona

The Uruguayan spoke on Radio Rincon in his home country and had some interesting words about the Atlético star.

Atletico Madrid v Arsenal FC  - UEFA Europa League Semi Final Second Leg Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Luis Suárez says Antoine Griezmann has signed with Barcelona. Apparently. In an interview with a Uruguayan radio station, the Barça attacker seems to say it is virtually a done deal.

“It’s pleasing that they are bringing players of this quality like Antoine,” Suárez said. ”Like when Coutinho and Dembele arrived. They are very high quality players, and [Griezmann] has played at the very top for many years, fighting a lot, leading Atlético in attack and that’s fundamental. Here, he’s welcome. He isn’t coming to take anyone’s place but with the ambition to win important things at the best team in the world.”

It seems fairly obvious from that passage that Suárez knows something is about to happen. But Javier de León, the journalist who interviewed the player, spoke to Partidazo de Cope in Spain and said fhat wasn’t necessarily the case:

”You interpreted it as him saying the transfer was done but the feeling I got was that he was just missing the conditional tense in his sentences.”

Whether Suárez knows something or not remains to be seen. Atlético Madrid are still trying to convince Griezmann to stay, and Suárez’s compatriot Diego Godín said earlier this week that Griezmann’s future remains unclear — perhaps, even, to the Frenchman himself.