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WATCH: Diego Godín allegedly explains to fans that Griezmann is staying

The defender reportedly consulted with Simeone to tell fans that Griezmann had informed Atlético of his decision.

Antoine Griezmann came on in the second half at the Wanda Metropolitano on the last day of the season. He was booed by a small section of fans as he entered Atlético Madrid’s 2-2 draw with Eibar, and he was visibly upset with what he heard.

Movistar+ program El Dia Despues in Spain, however, put together a video showing Diego Godín speaking with Diego Simeone before the former made his way to the fans — reportedly, to explain that Griezmann is staying at Atlético and to encourage him instead of jeering him.

We’re not expert lip-readers, but said jeers turned to cheers almost immediately. This was in advance of a Marca report on Monday afternoon — which stated Griezmann had informed Atlético of his decision to stay. All parties are said to have wanted it kept under wraps, as Sunday’s match was dedicated to the definitively outgoing Fernando Torres.

Marca’s report from the prominent Alberto Barbero went on to say there is a fear that the whistles could feasibly force Griezmann into changing his mind.

Who really knows?

Here is the video: