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Atlético Madrid 2-2 Eibar: Post-match comments

Comments after the final match of the season, which featured a long goodbye to El Niño.

Atletico Madrid v Arsenal FC  - UEFA Europa League Semi Final Second Leg

Atlético Madrid had already secured silverware and a second place finish in LaLiga entering Sunday’s match versus Eibar. The focus was on a farewell to Fernando Torres, and El Niño scored both goals in an entertaining 2-2 draw to end the season.

After the match, Torres spoke during an on-pitch ceremony and Diego Simeone discussed his legendary striker.

Diego Simeone

On the legacy of Fernando Torres and his impact on the club:

“He’s leaving a legacy [based on] more than just his goals.

“His legacy is that of work, never giving up, to continue competing.

“He won everything as a player and he came here to compete and suffer.

“This is a legacy that goes beyond the footballer. I wish him the best. We could meet again, because football life is very long.”

On Antoine Griezmann and his future:

“The support for him was enormous, we love him very much and we know that if he continues here we will continue to be more competitive.”

On the season as a whole:

“We always think positive, to be optimistic about everything.

“We finished the league in second place, which may seem something minor but it isn’t. It’s not because we face two monsters like Barcelona and Real Madrid, which don’t even let you come close.

“That generates growth, enthusiasm and a desire to keep competing.”

Fernando Torres

His final thoughts on his Atlético career:

“Right now, I’m happy for what I lived today and everyone who’s accompanied me. I’m happy for the end of the season. If I had written this before announcing my goodbye, I wouldn’t have been able to do it better.”

“I’m very happy for all these years and to have been able to maintain the love from the fans for such a long time, even when I was far away.

“More than the title and everything else I’ve done during my career, this is what I’m taking with me forever. You can win many titles but love, respect, and admiration from so many people — you can’t get that every year.”

“It’s been an honor and privilege to wear this shirt.”