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Olympique de Marseille 0-3 Atlético Madrid: Post-match comments

Comments after a triumphant Europa League final.

Olympique de Marseille v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It’s official: Atlético Madrid are Europa League champions! After a 3-0 win over Marseille, Altético lifted the trophy for the third time since 2010. An Antoine Griezmann brace and a goal from Gabi saw Atleti through in a comfortable victory.

After the celebrations, Griezmann, Gabi and Diego Simeone gave their thoughts on the match.

Diego Simeone

On Fernando Torres:

“I’ve never given him anything. Everything he’s achieved, he has earned.

“For Fernando, it’s a dream come true [winning the Europa League]. I hope the crowd explodes on Sunday, he’s a fantastic kid.”

On Griezmann’s display:

“He didn’t have to prove anything, he had already demonstrated it through all these years. He just confirmed what I already knew.

“I hope he is happy, and hopefully he will continue with us.”

On the team and their bond:

“The coaching staff have been lucky enough to find very strong men and footballers who have been improving year after year.

“I have a great communion with my players and I can be at home or in the hotel but they will still play the same way.”

Antoine Griezmann

On the match:

“[Marseille] are an offensive team, they work very well. We work [well] ourselves and defend well to be a difficult opponent who takes advantage of errors.”

On his journey to the Europa League Final:

“I left home at 14 years old because I wanted to win trophies. This is my second after the Supercopa and I hope there can be more.”

How he would describe his performance:

“Confident, [with] cold blood.”


On winning the title:

“Now I have to swallow my words about the Europa League. This cup has given us a lot.”

On Atlético’s toughness:

“For us it was a very important game because it allows us to continue at the top, but if this team has anything it is the capacity to suffer. Today we have shown that.

“We knew how to kill the game when it had to be done, and today we have shown that we are one of the best [teams] in Europe.”

His thoughts on Griezmann:

“Today [Griezmann] has shown that he is focused on Atlético and we will hopefully have him with us next year.

“Of course this victory will help him stay, and more so in the way we have won it, being as decisive as he is for us.”

On saying goodbye to El Niño:

“I thought it was emotional and I think there is no better way to say goodbye to Atlético than lifting the trophy.

“He deserves it more than anyone else.”