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Oblak, NBA prospect Doncic play basketball at Griezmann’s house in Madrid

Oblak should stick to goalkeeping if this alley-oop is anything to go by.

Real Madrid sharpshooter Luka Doncic is poised to become the number one pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Jan Oblak is slowly but surely creeping up the rankings as the best goalkeeper in the world (if he’s not there already). The two Slovenians combined their forces recently to play a spot of basketball at Antoine Griezmann’s house, and the results were...well, the alley-oop wasn’t all that bad, but it does need a little improvement!

I wonder if Doncic is any good at saving penalties? His shot-stopping form might be better than Oblak’s alley-oop form. Let’s just say Oblak isn’t ready to play for the Golden State Warriors yet.