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Simeone considers a back three against Arsenal in tactical shake-up

Atlético’s options are limited and Simeone is considering a change in the Europa League semifinal.

Atletico Madrid v Real Betis - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Diego Simeone’s squad is at a breaking point and the manager has been pulling players up from the Atlético Madrid’s B team in order to fill up his squad in recent match-days. He is considering changing tactics in order to confuse Arsenal and to make the most of the players he does have at his disposal on Thursday night.

“Why not? Yes, it’s an option,” he said after the Real Betis game at the weekend when asked about playing three at the back. “One virtue of this team is that they adapt to what the games asks of them. The 5-4-1 or the 3-4-3 gave us options to be closer, to confuse our opponent. Against Arsenal, it could do the same again.”

He was also asked whether Saúl was being a little put out by playing on the wing.

”Maybe, but the team always comes first,” Simeone said. “We always look at the other 10 who are comfortable. It’s better to have one uncomfortable than four.”