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Atlético Madrid 4-0 Leganés: Post-match comments

Comments from Simeone and red-hot Griezmann after an intra-city demolition.

Atletico Madrid v CD Leganes - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann stole the show for Atlético Madrid against Leganés. He scored four goals in a world-class display as his side warmed up for Sunday’s contest against Barcelona at Camp Nou.

After the match, Griezmann and Diego Simeone spoke about the display.

Diego Simeone

On the match:

“The sensations are very good, the team is on an upward trajectory, and except in the beginning when Leganés had two or three good chances the team continued on this line and got the victory.”

On Griezmann and his form:

“I have no price, coaches have no price. Antoine: 100 [million euros].”

“[Griezmann] is part of the team and the group, we have some pillars that support the group and everything is born out of this dressing room.”

“He has had runs like this in previous seasons, he is extraordinary and the team helps him to be so. The assists [for his goals] were fantastic and, with his talent, he was able to win a team game.”

“Our season until December was good. [Diego] Costa not only improves Griezmann but also the team because of all that he transmits. The team is in a good way and we will continue with humility, as always.”

On the upcoming match against Barcelona:

“This good moment must be focused on continuing to improve as a team. Today we were stronger than in Seville, talking about improvements.”

”Now we are preparing for Barcelona in the best way, as we are facing a team who have won everything and has not yet lost [in LaLiga]. It will be a beautiful challenge.”

Antoine Griezmann

On the match:

“I’m happy with how I played, but like I always say, the most important thing are the three points. Now, we’re going to go to Barcelona to see if we can do something nice.”

“We have to enjoy it, I’m trying to give people joy.”

“I am very happy and we will continue like this.”

On what he felt his mistakes were:

“In everything, in what I can do, in trying to silence the fans. These were moments in the match when I thought we had to keep hold of the ball.”

“I can make mistakes, but on the pitch I have never been wrong.”

“Now we’re enjoying everything and hopefully we can keep that love until the end.”

On the next match against Barcelona:

“We have 13 matches left [in LaLiga]. We’re going to try to win them all.