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Atlético Madrid 2-0 Athletic Club: Post-match comments

Quotes from Simeone and his two goalscorers.

Atletico Madrid v Athletic Club - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Sunday afternoon in the Wanda Metropolitano saw Atlético Madrid host Athletic Bilbao. A win would continue to put the pressure on Barcelona at the top of LaLiga, and Atlético overcame a slow start to emerge 2-0 winners.

After the match, Diego Simeone, Kévin Gameiro and Diego Costa spoke all about the game.

Diego Simeone

On the players’ work ethic:

“The best thing about these players is they work hard and fight for the common goal, that Atlético Madrid win. When the club’s leaders, players, coaching staff and fans are all together, there is a great chance of success.

”There will always be conflict because we are a family. However, we are all working toward the same goal.”

On Gameiro’s form and Antoine Griezmann’s versatility:

“Gameiro is playing very well and has come up with important goals in big matches.

”In Lleida they [Gameiro and Costa] were both together with Griezmann and combined well through the middle.

”It isn’t easy to do this from the beginning, but Griezmann’s fluid position gives me the possibility of utilising two other forwards. He sees how everyone in front of him moves.”

On not being awarded penalties:

“The more we talk about it, the worse it becomes for the referees.

”They then arrive in our matches with the thought of needing to give a penalty, and it consumes them as they read and listen to it all week.

”The more we talk about not getting penalties then the fewer penalties they will give us. Let nature take its course.”

Kevin Gameiro

On the match:

“It was a good day for us and we’re going to keep working hard. We scored two great goals.”

On the team’s work and his recent form:

“We can’t stop. We know we’re doing well and we’re going to enjoy this moment. There are lots of games left and everyone will play.

“I don’t know if I’m in my best form. But I want to go on like this, it’s good for confidence. I want to continue in this way, but I know the season is long.”

Diego Costa

On the first half penalty controversy:

“I think that it [was] a penalty. When I was going to shoot, he [Unai Núñez] pulled me back and unbalanced me. Not giving it was the referee’s choice, I’m not going to complain.”

On his yellow card:

“You know how it is. Referees hate me and there’s not any way to change it. Referees — not all of them — book me for the smallest offenses. He [González González] wanted to book me and that’s it.”