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Sevilla 3-1 Atlético Madrid: Player Ratings

Atlético look to be in a bit of trouble after their elimination from the Copa del Rey. 


Miguel Ángel Moyá (3.5): This time it only took 25 seconds for Moyà to have a clanger, mishandling Escudero’s strike and giving Atlético Madrid an early hold to dig themselves out from. Though not that informative, it is more than clear that Moyà is a less than ideal candidate between the sticks and Atlético should look to strengthen there come this summer.

Šime Vrsaljko (7): Really stepped up his game after the first goal, making a point to deliver good crosses into the box, most were narrowly missed. Probably the best performing member of the back five today, Vrsaljko has been vital for Atleti in recent months and hopefully that continues.

Diego Godín (7): Was good, again, if a little less dominant. Sevilla’s two goals were also not really his fault, but still, the defense looked more flimsy than usual. Many of the long balls forward Godín attempted did not come off, and his best moment was coming close to scoring in the second half from a set-piece.

José Giménez (6.5): Though neither goal was really Josema’s fault, it’s hard to mark him down, but given the poor defensive display in general, he has to be marked down a bit. He’s getting more starting time, and hopefully gets better. Recent week have him looking a bit like the Josema of the past rather than the start of this season, but his talent is no secret. Josema was taken off for Thomas as Simeone decided to go for it.

Lucas Hernández (6): Not great from Lucas, who also struggled in the first leg, but was better. Sevilla have a lot of impact wingers off the bench like Jesus Navas and Nolito, but Lucas handled his side of the pitch well, and occasionally ventured forward

Koke (6.5): Not the best performance, but also not the worst. Koke struggled to fully start pulling the strings for Atleti, but performed better once being moved to the middle of the pitch.

Gabi (7.5): More of the same from Gabi, who did what was expected of him in the first half, and was withdrawn early for tactical reasons so Fernando Torres could take his place. Atleti are managing Gabi’s minutes well, and when he has played, he still looks like his game is in tact.

Saúl (6): Another less-than-stellar performance from Saúl, who failed to impact the game offensively, as well as conceding a penalty. Even on the days where he underperforms, he at least still works hard, even if it is not coming off. Often, Simeone will order the team to launch long balls in Saúl’s direction, which rarely comes off.

Ángel Correa (6): Currently in the middle of a huge form dip, Correa looks like a confused player, unclear of exactly what his role is. As a traditional winger, he lacks the ability to deliver the ball, and is rarely involved in Atleti moves. Withdrawn after 60 minutes for Carrasco, Correa again struggled to create much of anything in an Atleti side that could really have used his output.

Antoine Griezmann (8): A stellar equalizer in the first half, in what was a good response by Atleti following the goal. Other than that strike, Griezmann was not at his best, and once again looked as if he would have benefitted from Diego Costa’s partnership rather than Gameiro.

Kevin Gameiro (6): Largely ineffective, Gameiro struggled again to generate end product, missing some of the rare chances Atleti created. The most notable was completely whiffing on a flying header delivered by Vrsaljko.


Fernando Torres (6): Came on with the idea being he could provide that finishing touch for Atleti, but that did not quite come off. Torres mostly ran around trying to score from crosses, but rarely was in the right place.

Yannick Carrasco (5): Once again a disappointing cameo from Carrasco, who has not had much influence (if any) on Atleti’s season so far. The Belgian is neither getting the rub of the green nor the playing time to play himself into form. But given his brief substitute performances, he has not merited a full first team berth.

Thomas Partey (6.5): A bit of a strange substitution, Cholo clearly wanted to add a bit more substance to Atleti’s midfield after Gabi was taken off. Thomas performed admirably in a difficult position, but also could not influence the outcome of the match.