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Barcelona release statement rejecting Griezmann deal is done

Reports surfaced recently suggesting Griezmann to Barcelona would happen in the summer.

Atletico de Madrid v Sevilla - Spanish Copa del Rey Photo by fotopress/Getty Images

Barcelona have released a statement rejecting reports that they have struck a deal with Antoine Griezmann.

Guillermo Amor of Barcelona stated that there probably was contact between the two sides if that was what was being reported and Atletico reported the club to FIFA for breaking rules regarding tapping up players under contract.

Reports surfaced on Friday suggesting the number 7 jersey would not be given to Philippe Coutinho as it was being saved for a certain someone in the summer. Griezmann famously wears the seven due to his idolisation of David Beckham.

The statement read:FC Barcelona strongly denies the information that has appeared over the course of the last few hours in different media regarding Atlético Madrid player, Antoine Griezmann, and an alleged deal with our club.

FC Barcelona expresses its objections in the face of these events and reiterates its full respect for the institution of Atlético Madrid.”

It seems a strange statement to make though or else Barcelona are bracing themselves for punishment from FIFA and want to build a case suggesting they have always vehemently denied the allegations.