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Costa urged to make amends with Chelsea for fear of losing World Cup spot

The Spain striker is now at risk of fading completely from Julen Lopetegui’s plans.

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Diego Costa is still a Chelsea player despite his best efforts to change that during the summer. As a result of the massive posturing and ensuing standoff between player and club, Costa’s place in Julen Lopetegui’s Spain squad next summer could be under severe threat if he doesn’t regain his best form between now and March or April at the latest.

English press seems to think there could be a way back for Costa at Chelsea. According to the Express, sources close to the ex-Atlético Madrid forward said, “There will have to be a reconciliation between Diego and Chelsea. Diego will have to come back to England, because he does not want his career to end with him back in Brazil like this.”

There is also the legal action Costa is considering pursuing against his current employees. His friends have told him to drop it but also suggest that Chelsea can sue him for the way he has acted in not showing up for work and antagonising the club on social media.

But the terms of a reconciliation still are not clear — all it could take is a private apology to make things kosher between the two parties. It’s unlikely Antonio Conte will ever consider him again for first-team action, even if Blues fans still love and trust him.

The time for someone to take action is rapidly approaching, because Spain are in sublime form after dismantling Italy in World Cup qualifying this past weekend. At this point, Costa likely won’t be around for the next World Cup and Atlético, if they are still interested in him, could do with his services. If making peace with Chelsea is the way toward a more amicable end, then Costa should swallow his pride and go for it.