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Wanda Metropolitano will host the 2019 Champions League Final

The Wanda will become the fourth Spanish stadium to host the final

Atletico Madrid v Malaga - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The Wanda Metropolitano will be host to the 2019 Champions League final as the UEFA Executive Committee announced their decision this afternoon. The only other potential host was the Baku National Stadium in Azerbaijan who will receive the consolation prize and host the 2019 Europa League final.

It was reported yesterday that the match was set to go to Azerbaijan because the Wanda lacked the necessary VIP seating. While this may still have been part of the reason why Baku was being considered at all for the most important game in European football. It seems that Madrid's tourist and Metro infrastructure along with the capacity of the Adolfo Barajas airport played a factor in the decision.

The Wanda will be the fourth Spanish stadium to host the final and it comes just days after its inaugural match.