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The Daily Rojiblanco: September 13, 2017

Las Palmas fire back at Sevilla on Vitolo deal.

AS Roma v Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images
  • Las Palmas ask league to force Sevilla to honor sell-on clause.

There’s not much to report today as much of the news cycle was focused on Atlético Madrid’s 0-0 Champions League draw at AS Roma.

However, one interesting lead comes from AS, who report that Las Palmas has asked LaLiga to step in and force Sevilla to pay them for the “sale” of Vitolo to Atlético Madrid this summer. Sevilla for their part are preparing to take legal action against Vitolo, Atlético and Las Palmas for what they see as an unlawful buyout of the player’s contract. Vitolo has been loaned to Las Palmas by Atleti until January, when los colchoneros will register him.

Las Palmas’ claim is based on a sell-on clause in the 2013 deal that sent Vitolo from Las Palmas to Sevilla. While there is a certain humor to the Canary Islanders’ request that Sevilla pay them for a player currently on their roster, this is a situation that could get ugly quick. Hopefully a quiet, amicable resolution can be reached by all involved.

In other Champions League group stage action, Chelsea earned a 6-0 win against visiting Azerbaijani side Qarabağ FK. The win propels Chelsea to an early lead in the group, plus a healthy lead in goal differential. The onus is now on Atlético and Roma to put together similar home results against the minnows of the group.

Atlético will host Chelsea on Sept. 27, while Roma will visit Qarabağ that day.

  • Talking point: Was Atlético’s draw in Rome a good enough result? Or will it make things harder for Atleti later in the group stage?