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Enrique Cerezo not happy with Twitter footage of leaky roof at Wanda Metropolitano

A stadium worker posted footage of the rain streaming from the unfinished Wanda Metropolitano

Enrique Cerezo is not happy with the worker at the Wanda Metropolitano who posted video footage of rain streaming through the roof as the clock ticks closer to the opening game at Atlético’s new stadium.

According to ESPNFC, Cerezo told El Laguero, "The smart guy who made the video of the stadium, which is still being finished, should be told: 'If I was in your company I'd sack you, not for doing this but for being a fool.'

"Someone who is working there and finds that funny... at least make a good video, not such an amateur and stupid one.

"The La Liga game against Malaga will be the first official game at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano," he said after a storm hit Madrid at the start of the week that resulted in the rainfall.