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Girona 2-2 Atlético Madrid: Player Ratings

One of the worst performances in recent memory saved by an unlikely late comeback.

A hard game to judge. Were Girona really that good? Were Atlético Madrid really that bad? Was it Diego Simeone’s tactics? Did the poor performances of some make those beside them look bad? And is this something Atlético have to be concerned about going forward?

I also wonder if Simeone’s preseason is so heavy on physical work that players forget how to play football. Their first touch was poor on so many occasions and it looked like they had no idea how to move the ball into dangerous areas of their opposition’s half.

Oblak - 9.5

World-class. Bailed Atlético out time and time again with a string of the most improbable saves you will see on a football field. The two headers were not his fault and you have to feel sorry for him given what he has in front. Sleep well tonight, Jan, because you’ve earned a rest!

Juanfran - 4

Very poor. The beginning of the end happened a while ago but this was a nadir for Juanfran. He looked slow, chased shadows, picked up silly fouls that were borne more from frustration than anything else and added nothing going forward. Aday had a field day and no surprise that both goals came from the right.

Savić - 4

Poor and has been for a while. His mistakes more often than not masked by Diego Godín’s brilliance. No team will win anything meaningful with Stefan Savić as one of their first choice central defenders. At fault for both goals - ducked for the first one with Stuani behind him and retreated away from Stuani for the second when the ball was still in a dangerous position.

Giménez - 6.5

Slightly more solid than Savic and added that goal to level the game. Must start the next game with Godín beside him. Also very hard to audit players when the people around them aren’t up to it.

Lucas - 6

Needs to be more composed. Seemed more interested in running into the opposition and showing he was tough than actually taking the ball down and trying to go past them or adding anything going forward. That said, he did show he is tough. Filipe Luís won’t be too concerned about losing his place yet.

Carrasco - 6.5

Looked like a player who got up on the wrong side of bed this morning. Complained throughout and got worse as his play got worse. Still has good enough feet and skill to provide a threat and did that at times with little end product. His touch was poor but showed the slightest of sparks.

Gabi - 6

A lot to be said whether Gabi and Saúl were needed against a team like Girona. Seemed ideal for Augusto Fernández. Stood still for a chance that forced Oblak into a typically world-class save as a Girona player popped up between him and Savic as he reacted first. Again, worrying to think that Atlético are still reliant on a player like Gabi, who lacks dynamism and attacking nous.

Saúl - 5

Couldn’t get involved in the game, which was a trend at the start of last season too. When this is the case, it might be best to take him off as he can’t work his way into them, but will hopefully come with time.

Koke - 6.5

Wanted to be inventive but so often restricted by movement ahead of him and lack of space. Delivered a lovely ball to Giménez for the goal. What is his role though? Surely he should be dictating the side at this point and playing centrally. Used more as an engine than a sentient, intelligent midfielder.

Griezmann - 5.5

No proper role in this team when Atlético play like that. Will again have to rely on set-pieces and moments of magic. Silly red to receive when two goals down but he was useless in the game anyway and was more effective in defence than he was in the opponent’s danger zone.

Torres - 5

A statue for the time he was on the pitch. Won some headers but caused the midfield to stagnate when he was on the pitch. Torres is for now the first option on a team looking to challenge for major honours this year, and that’s no good.


Correa - 9.5

Class. He was proactive and effective in almost everything he did. Needs to build on this confidence-inducing performance. He can be the catalyst for Atlético but needs to do that more consistently. But based on this game, absolutely excellent. His goal was as good as you will see around Europe this weekend and won a free for the second goal. Actually asked questions of Girona’s defence and wanted to go by the opposition and take them on every time.

Vietto - 8

Missed a good chance but it was a better chance than anyone else on the field had figured out how to make for themselves. A player struggling with confidence and feels as though he is an outcast, which increases with every miss. Is there still hope? Time is running out.