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Costa getting frustrated, won’t wait for Atlético forever

Atlético reportedly want the striker and Costa wants Atlético, but nothing has materialised yet.

Arsenal v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

You’d think Atlético Madrid didn’t want Diego Costa. Rarely has there been more of a gimmie of a transfer with Costa crying out for Atlético come and get him and Atlético dragging their heels. Last summer, he told the club to wait for him, but Atleti grew impatient and bought Kévin Gameiro. This summer, though, the club won’t do anything but wait.

Gianluca di Marzio says Chelsea are annoyed by Costa’s “Atlético or nothing” stance, and for this reason, AC Milan remain in with a chance of signing the player and have not given up. They initially offered to be the bridge club for the six months that Atlético couldn’t use the player due to their registration ban, but they now believe attaining Costa on a permanent deal is realistic.

And according to Marca, the player is getting a little antsy about his future and will not wait forever.

Antonio Conte has no use whatsoever for the player, and letting him “rot in the reserves” as some Chelsea fans have suggested is not an option given his wages, charisma and influence in the side. Banishing the Spain international to the stands could lead to all sorts of detrimental results on Chelsea’s bid to retain the Premier League and make a splash in Europe on their return to the Champions League.

The striker has had 50 days off now this summer and continues to keep up up to date with his shenanigans but he will have to return to training and reality at some point.

The ball is firmly in Atlético’s court, and they need to make a move soon. That is, of course, if they really want him at all (another conspiracy theory for another day).