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Photos: Wanda Metropolitano works continue as roof nears completion

Atlético will play their three league games away from home as Wanda construction continues to move forward.

Atlético Madrid’s new stadium continues to move toward completion, with the grand opening slated for mid-September. Estadio Wanda Metropolitano’s first game is set to see Atlético host Málaga during matchday four of the Liga Santander season - unless the Champions League group stage draw sees Atleti kick off that portion of the competition with a home game.

Thanks to @Metropolitano, we’ve been able to monitor A Stadium Called Wanda’s progress over the past several weeks, and more photos have been released over the past few days.

A Stadium Called Wanda will seat about 68,000 spectators - although not comfortably just yet, as the seats are still being installed.

The pitch hasn’t been installed yet either, but that likely won’t happen until much of the heavy lifting left is finished.

The retractable roof looks pretty spectacular. That view of a cloudless, bright blue Madrid sky is incredible!

Are you excited yet?