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WATCH: Filipe Luís bosses it at Atlético training

The Brazilian is putting on a show in Segovia.

Courtesy of Mundo Deportivo

As they do every July, Atlético Madrid have moved training to Los Ángeles de San Rafael in the province of Segovia. The players are again acclimating themselves to the intense, rigorous training regimens designed by Profe Ortega in order to reach the peak fitness that Diego Simeone demands.

One player who doesn’t seem to be having any problems preparing for the new season is Filipe Luís. On Friday, Mundo Deportivo captured some video footage of the 31-year-old destroying his teammates with a combination of explosive pace, slick dribbling and superb finishing.

The new season is still a month away, but this visual evidence seems to confirm reports that Filipe is in great shape. Atlético, of course, will need this to be the case when the season gets underway, as Filipe will enter his age-32 campaign with left-footed center-back Lucas Hernández as his deputy.