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Atlético to play first two games away from home to start the season

Due to ongoing works at their new stadium, Atlético will start the new season with two away games.

LaLiga have confirmed that Atlético Madrid and Villarreal will play their first scheduled home game away depending on how the draw goes on “fixture Friday” due to the “impossibility of playing at home for both clubs due to ongoing works at both of their stadiums”.

That means, should Atlético be drawn away from home in the first game week, it will be played away and the corresponding fixture will be played at home in the second half of the season. Likewise, if they are drawn at home in the second week, that will also be away and the corresponding fixture will be played at home later in the year.

They will start their season with two away games regardless.

Work at the Wanda Metropolitano is moving along but it will clearly not be ready for opening day in LaLiga. An international break is set to take place at the end of August, which means the club will have an extra week to get the stadium ready for LaLiga’s return.

Enrique Cerezo, the club’s president, said in February that “everything will be done in time,” but that is clearly not the case as Atlético have asked LaLiga for a grace period as the stadium is completed.