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Colchonero Chat 60: A hug for Conte

Jeremy and Rob banter about Diego Costa’s street party, Vitolo and the early days of training.

Colchonero Chat comes to you far away from the site of Diego Costa’s soon-to-be-infamous Instagram Live video (although we wish we were flies on the wall).

Jeremy is joined by Rob Walker to discuss the seemingly-inevitable return of the Chelsea forward and the podders debate what they likely would be doing at one of Costa’s street parties. The guys also talk about Vitolo’s signing, where he fits in at Atlético Madrid and whether or not he will be worth his fee and the madness it took to bring him to Atlético. Plus, Jeremy and Rob provide updates on Antoine Griezmann’s dance moves, the opening days of preseason training, and answer Twitter questions about Fabinho, Juanfran and more.

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