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OFFICIAL: Vitolo signs for Atlético until 2022

Las Palmas are getting themselves a Spain international for six months.

Víctor Machín Perez, otherwise known as Vitolo, and a man who might also become known as public enemy number one in Sevilla, has signed with Atlético Madrid on a contract until 2022.

“Due to FIFA’s sanction that forbids the club from registering football players during the current summer market, the player will play the first half of the season with Unión Deportiva Las Palmas and will join our team starting on January 1st, 2018,” Atlético said in a statement on the club website.

Vitolo, who had reportedly agreed to a new deal with Sevilla, was eventually convinced by Diego Simeone when it was revealed that his agents and parents signed the contract offered to him by the Andalusian club - but not him. We all look (nervously) forward to the Sevilla versus Atlético game as the Spain international might not be so welcome back to the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.

The former Las Palmas player and current Las Palmas “loanee” entered the LFP offices on Wednesday to declare himself a free agent as did Las Palmas directors to ensure the deal was done and everything was in its correct place, which it presumably is. Vitolo and the UDLP contingent have paid the player’s buyout clause - €36 million, reportedly - even as Sevilla demanded the €50 million stipulated in the renewal that he did not sign.

The club’s official statement highlights Vitolo’s career achievements at Las Palmas and Sevilla and his ability to unbalance opponents and balance his own side, which is something Simeone and Atlético clearly like about the 27-year-old.