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Atletico Madrid not allowed to loan out players during transfer ban

It will most likely put a spanner in the works for many potential deals

Spain v Israel - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Atletico Madrid are not allowed to loan out players during their transfer ban which could ruin their plans to buy players and send them to different clubs for six months as they await their ability to register them in January.

This report on iussport says that Atletico would not own the “federative rights” until they register with the league and the club they are being loaned from. Without being registered, Atletico can not relocate them to a club on loan.

Alexandre Lacazette, Sandro, Vitolo and Diego Costa are all said to be close to signing with the possibility for them to be sent on loan but the most recent reports will knock that on the head.

Vitolo, in particular, is reportedly interested in a move to Atletico while playing for six months in Las Palmas. That will make that option impossible and given the Sevilla attacker needs to play regularly in order to make it into Julian Lopetegui’s team, not playing for six months is a non-runner.