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Lucas Hernández released from jail after holiday in the Bahamas

The French defender was arrested at Barajas Airport for breaking a restraining order.

Lucas Hernandez was arrested on his way home from a holiday in the Bahamas for breaking a restraining order that was put in place following a domestic violence incident in February. Hernández and the woman in question - his girlfriend - returned from their holiday and passed through passport control only to have an alarm go off on the computer that alerted the police.

The 21-year-old spent the night in Moratalaz jail, according to a report on El Transistor relayed by AS, and he must now wait as the case got sent to the criminal court, as they have a better understanding on the previous case.

Hernandez was given a 500-metre restraining order against Amelia de la O.L and told not to communicate with her. Both parties also received a community service sentence and a ban on holding a weapon for a year and a half.

They have reportedly reconciled as the holiday together indicates and we await further developments on the case.