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Eyeing up the enemy: Foxes happy with the draw

We spoke to the folks over at Fosse Posse to get the feelings after the Champions League draw

Atletico Madrid v Leicester City - UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

On Friday, Atletico Madrid were drawn against Leicester City in the Champions League quarter-final so we caught up with the Fosse Posse to get a feel for what they thought about the draw.

What is the general mood after getting Atletico? Best case scenario? Worst case scenario?

I think the mood is good. It’s a solid draw for Leicester. As far as the remaining clubs go, Atletico is a excellent choice for the club as there is some stiff competition remaining and the Spanish side hasn’t been in the greatest of form this season. Leicester have a blueprint for taking down a top LaLiga side after handling Sevilla in the Round of 16, so this should be seen as a good situation to be in.

In what areas of the field can Leicester hurt Atletico?

As we’ve seen for much of Leicester’s successes over the last three seasons, the counterattack is where the club shines. Allowing opponents to dominate possession, the Foxes will sit and defend and hope to spring the more talented Spaniards on the the break, which could yield many positives for the English champions.

In what area of the field can Atletico hurt Leicester?

Just the fact that they are a better overall quality than Leicester will give the Foxes trouble. They’re a seasoned side with a players familiar with the high-stakes situations that the Champions League brings to the table. Those intangibles can often times be the difference in a tournament like this.

Why do you think Leicester were so successful against Sevilla and how do you see the Atletico game going?

Leicester were successful because they went back to the style of play the won them the English Premier League during last season’s remarkable campaign. I think we’ll expect more of the same in this tie. Ultimately I think Atletico will win out but Leicester will keep it close, much in the same way they did against Sevilla.

If you could have one Atletico player (apart from Griezmann) who would it be?

I’m a huge Diego Godín fan. Love his leadership and how well he commands the back line. He may be a bit older than what Leicester are after (especially given the fact they have two ageing CBs already), but his quality would fit nicely with the style of play that the club exhibits. Plus, would be nice to see him test his talents in a physical league like the Premier.