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Atlético’s move to Wanda Metropolitano could be changed as construction is delayed

The work that will help ease match-day congestion might not be finished by September

Construction works around the Wanda Metropolitano could prevent Atlético Madrid from moving into the new stadium for next season, according to recent reports.

The works include exits put in place on the M-40, an orbital road around Madrid and also the A-2. These works were to be finished by September, which was agreed upon by the Ministry of Public Works.

The area that the ground is located in does now seem to have adequate parking and access and the government is trying to avoid congestion that match-day traffic will likely draw.

A spokesperson for the Spokesperson for the government, Mercedes González, says that a “historic comeback” is needed in order for the ground to be ready.

This is not the last news we will hear about this, as the whole operation remain a sprawling mess. Atlético could well stay at the Vicente Calderón next season, as it seems less and less likely that A Stadium Called Wanda will be ready for action in six months.