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Griezmann talks his future again, doubtful over rainy England

Antoine Griezmann was on a radio station recently where he discussed his future plans amidst Manchester United speculation

Atletico Madrid v Eibar - Copa Del Rey Quarter-final: First Leg Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann has been speaking to the media again about his future. This time is has been to Radio Montecarlo alongside Cristophe Dugarry.

He says, “at the moment, I have no desire to leave Atletico Madrid. At Real Sociedad, I felt like it was time to go but that has not happened to me here.”

“We don’t know how the season will end. If it goes poorly, maybe you can ask me that question again,” he said.

Not entirely sure what he means by that but my reckoning is that if the ship is sinking, he will be first off. If not, maybe he will play for another year at Atletico Madrid.

He ruled out a move to Germany, says a return to France is not in his mind right now and with England he would “have many doubts because of the weather and the rain.”