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Leganés 0-0 Atlético Madrid: Player Ratings

Diego Simeone’s formation change did not make a huge difference in Atleti’s play.

Leganes v Atletico Madrid - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Jan Oblak 7: A solid performance from Oblak, keeping a clean sheet. He has been so good for Atlético Madrid throughout the year, and this was no different.

Diego Godín 7: In a back three, Godín had more support then he normally does with two center back partners to back him up. His passing was good in this match, and he even had a couple of attempts on goal.

Stefan Savić 6: Not bad from Savić, if unmemorable. He did not make many defensive challenges in this match, but did not look out of place.

José Giménez 7: A good start for Josema today, he had a good opportunity to score in the first half, but that is not what’s expected of him. He made a few good tackles and looked comfortable in what was an uncomfortable formation.

Thomas Partey 6.5: After a somewhat nervous performance against Chelsea midweek, Thomas was not at his best again Saturday. He was very active in the midfield, but also careless in possession in a few instances. His passing was again good, but needs to improve to become the midfield maestro Simeone hopes he will be.

Gabi 6.5: Gabi was not his usual self in this match, as his passing was not up to his standard. That said, he put in serious work in midfield. It’s easy to understand why Simeone has chosen to give Gabi some rest this season, but he has not been as good as he has the last couple seasons.

Koke 6: Again, the long journey to finding Koke’s true position continues. He found mostly on the left side of midfield, but not making much of a habit of pulling the attacking strings. He too, had issues connecting with his passing, which is unusual for him.

Saúl7: Saúl covered a lot of ground in this match and was active in buildup play, but he failed to find the killer ball. (Maybe it’s because he’s not a left back.) This formation did not exactly play to either Saúl or Koke’s strengths, by putting them on the wing at different times in the match.

Ángel Correa 6.5: Correa on Saturday looked like last season’s Correa at different times, though he was in an unfamiliar position. What is clear is that he would be the best of a bad lot in terms of a suitable striker partner for Antoine Griezmann. Correa could not get that many shots off Saturday and was not in his best playmaking form either.

Antoine Griezmann 6: Another match without a suitable partner, another somewhat anonymous match for Griezmann. No shots in the time he was on the pitch, and not a huge contribution. Often, Griezmann can be out of the match but then pop up with a goal, but it was not the case at Butarque.

Luciano Vietto 5: Why, oh why could Southampton not have completed this transfer? Vietto has yet to show any signs of having a career at Atlético once the registration ban is lifted. Currently, he and Kévin Gameiro will both be looking over their shoulder once January and summer 2018 roll around.


Yannick Carrasco 7: Probably the most impactful substitute in the match. Carrasco did his thing taking on opposition players, and was mostly successful. However, he had no shots despite this contribution.

Šime Vrsaljko 6: Vrsaljko is still coming back from injury, but this seemed an odd sub to replace Griezmann in a tight match. Not Vrsaljko’s fault, but he did not have the wanted impact. He did provide some security defensively, but that was not required in this match, really.

Fernando Torres 5: It has to be official now that Torres is no longer a capable Liga Santander striker at this point in his career. He had very little impact off the bench, which is probably the best role for him. Atleti’s attack was muddled in general, and Torres was not capable of taking the match by the scruff of the neck.