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Deyverson and Diego Godin engage in filthy spitting match during game at Mendizorrotza

Frustration boiled over between Atletico Madrid and Alaves and Deyverson and Godin were caught spitting at each other on TV camera

It doesn’t matter that he plays for Atletico Madrid and it doesn’t matter that he is a legend at the club. Spitting at an opponent is the most disgusting thing you can do and both players deserve to be handed heavy bans.

At the end of an admittedly frustrating game for both sides at the Mendizorrotza, Alaves striker, Deyverson, is clearly seen spitting in the face of Diego Godin.

Just after that, Godin spat back at the Brazilian. It too was caught on TV cameras and neither player has a leg to stand on when their punishment is handed down. Godin will likely argue that he did not instigate the spitting match but it should, and probably won’t, matter.

Diego Simeone’s side have taken their fair share of credit for their tactics in recent years but this is a step too far and there is no place for this kind of act on the football field.