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Who is Theo Griezmann trolling with his Old Trafford tweet? Here are your options

We are not entirely sure who he is trolling but there is a joke here and it’s on someone

The Best FIFA Football Awards Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann has been linked with Manchester United pretty incessantly now for a number of weeks and months. He has said he would like to play with Pogba and that he asks his French compatriot what it is like to play for the club and how Mourinho et al are to work with. The tweet currently has over 6k retweets.

The 25-year-old recently got fed up with the questions and said don’t ask me about my future anymore because I’m tired of the question.

There is part of me that believes, however, that footballers really do enjoy the hysteria surrounding transfers and speculation. Antoine’s brother, Theo, was busy on Twitter dot com last night and posted a picture of Old Trafford to which Manchester United fans got excited and Atletico Madrid fans got a fright.

There is a joke here. We know that but who is it on? Here are the options:

A) Manchester United fans

It seems a fairly innocuous thing but would Antoine’s brother really post a picture of Old Trafford if there was a move about to happen? It would seriously hurt his legacy at Atletico and would make the whole thing look very amateur. It seems slightly irresponsible of Theo Griezmann if he is trying to hype up a move and it harks back to the media circus that was Zlatan and Pogba’s moves to United last summer.

B) Atletico Madrid fans

It would hurt if he was trying to upset Atletico fans, who have done nothing but support Griezmann since he joined the club. During his poor start, during his poor spell in front of goals and even now when all the signs point towards a Vicente Calderon exit sooner or later.

C) Modern Football

F*ck the transfer window. Maybe Theo is making fun of all the BS that surrounds the transfer window. How a single tweet with a single picture without comment can generate so many articles (this one included) is baffling. Are we living in such an impatient world that we can’t just enjoy our football, read the back pages and see what happens?

D) For the brand

Maybe there is no joke and Theo Griezmann was just trying to “increase his exposure” (I shudder even writing that) and he knew that sending a picture of