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Atlético provide update on Wanda Metropolitano

The club opened a new Twitter account to detail the progress on A Stadium Called Wanda’s roof

Atlético Madrid’s club rebrand has not engineered great enthusiasm. The long-mooted move away from Estadio Vicente Calderón is very nearly a reality - much to the chagrin of many supporters who do not want to see the team playing at a glitzy, sponsored stadium in Real Madrid territory. What’s more, the reworked badge has proven unpopular - to the point where supporters have rallied around the imperative “el escudo no se toca,” or “do not touch the shield.”

Despite the disapproval, Atlético have pressed ahead with the impending changes to the club image and continue to insist the move into the Wanda Metropolitano is on track for this summer. To that end, Atleti have opened a Twitter account to update supporters periodically as the stadium opening draws nearer.

The first tweet sent from the account is this video, focusing on A Stadium Called Wanda’s unique “taut membrane” roof:

We’ve known for sometime that the roof is one component of the stadium that will be specially designed to keep noise inside and thus beef up the atmosphere in Atlético’s new home. As can be seen in the video, there is still work to be done on the roof and elsewhere before the stadium opens, and there remain less-than-adequate public roadways and public transportation options leading into the stadium. But come hell or high water, Atleti are determined to get A Stadium Called Wanda done and dusted and ready for football in about seven months’ time.