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Grizemann’s sister on Paris terrorist attacks: “if you moved, you were shot."

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Antoine Griezmann’s sister, Maud Griezmann, has opened up about her horrifying experience in the Bataclan during the terrorist attacks that were carried out in Paris in November of last year as her brother was representing their country in the Stade de France less than 10 kilometres away.

The interview, in the New York Times, is the first time she has spoken to the media about the night and her relationship with her little brother, the star of France’s national side at Euro 2016.

Once she heard the first gunshots, she says “At first we thought it was a prank, a joke. We thought it was part of the concert. But then we heard the screams.”

But following that initial thought came the realisation that something more sinister was taking place and she ducked for cover, lying on the floor for ninety minutes.

She lay between her boyfriend and another woman and stayed still save for the squeeze of a hand to ensure each other that they were still alive. She says, “It was the only way we could tell each other we were still alive.”

“If you moved, you were shot,” she said. “A person next to me moved, and they shot him. They just shot him, and I heard him land.”

Maud Griezmann has always been close to Antoine and she says her way of coping with what happened is remaining close to her family. “family and life is my therapy,” she says and has become his publicity strategist and describes this period of the Griezmann’s life as “an amazing time for Antoine now,”

“It is an amazing time for all of us,” she concludes.