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Everything you need to know about the Nicolas Schiappacasse situation

The 17-year-old has trained with Atletico Madrid

Despite already training in Los Angeles de San Rafael, 17-year-old Nicolás Schiappacasse’s future with Atletico Madrid is still uncertain. The young Uruguayan arrived at Madrid's Barajas airport on Saturday evening but avoided making any kind of declarations about his signing with the team.

“There is still nothing clear” he stated. On Sunday evening, he joined the rest of the squad in the hotel where the team stays during the “gathering” period they are having in a residential area near the city of Segovia, an hour north of Madrid.

On Monday morning, Atletico released a brief note on their website saying the Uruguayan attacker was training with the squad with the authorisation of his parent club, River Plate.

This situation will continue until FIFA gives the green light to go ahead with the transaction. Their initial attempts to push through the deal produced a favorable response but Atletico prefer to wait until they are entirely sure in order to make a decisive decision or statement for the signing of the teenager.

He does hold a European passport, having travelled to Italy a few months ago to receive it, but the player is still under 18 and this is the reason the club remain prudent in an effort to avoid any trouble with the respective authorities.

Once this situation is resolved, which seems like it could be soon, the next step for Atletico would be finding a place for the youngster. There are a few possibilities if he can work hard and achieve a place in the Rojiblancos senior squad and the technical staff could also help him find a La Liga or La Liga 2 team to go out on loan to.

Playing for Atleti B in Spain’s 3ª division could also be an option but maybe not the best. Although he is only 17 years old, Nico has already played plenty of games in the Uruguayan top flight and going back a step could slow his development down, which would not be ideal in any case.