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An important announcement from Into the Calderón

Hello dear reader,

We have been live here at ITC for less than a year and in that time we have undergone major growth as editors and writers. As part of that growth, we have seen increased readership and started to develop our blog’s brand. Some ideas really have taken off around here, others have not, but the reader has always been essential to what we do and has been as important to brand growth as anyone. So thank you for being our friend and reading what we have to say - this goes to our Twitter following as well.

Now then, a couple days ago I teased on the ITC Twitter account that a major announcement would take place in due course. Here is that announcement:

We are proud to announce “Colchonero Chat,” Into the Calderon’s new podcast of record.

Colchonero Chat aims to be the one-stop audio shop for Atletico supporters and will correspond and expand upon written content on the blog. Each episode will be around 40-50 minutes and hit on the major talking points surrounding Atleti. Whether it’s Antoine Griezmann’s exploits, Diego Simeone’s tactics or the latest transfer buzz, it will be talked about each week on Colchonero Chat.

But perhaps the most important component of Colchonero Chat will be the reader, the follower. Feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or the ITC comments with your questions or comments; the best ones will be discussed on each week’s pod. Colchonero Correo will be an integral part of Colchonero Chat.

We couldn’t be happier at this next step in our evolution and thank you, dear reader, for making it possible. Join us this Friday for the first episode of Colchonero Chat. Aupa Atleti!