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Official: Atletico Madrid’s home and away jerseys for the upcoming season released

The home one might not be to your liking but the away jersey is splendid

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Atletico Madrid’s jersey suppliers have released the team’s new jersey on their official store. The first kit is the same as ever with the red and white striped with the blue tint around the collar and a line down the side.

The verdict is out, however, and while the collar looks slick other than that, there are no massive differences to the jersey from last year. It does look a lot smoother and there is not little line beside the big white ones. (Hey, don’t judge us for not knowing the terminology - we are not fashion designers and simply humble footballs fans).

The second kit, which is shown below, looks a lot different to the blue one is magnificent.

We already knew it would be black and gold and a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Vicente Calderon. It looks set to be the clubs last year at the stadium with plans for a new one at La Peineta in full flow.

All photos courtesy of Nike’s Official Store