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Twitter reacts to Griezmann after crushing loss in Euro 2016 final

Some of the tweets reacting to Griezmann’s Euro 2016 final loss

Portugal v France - Final: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Two finals in the space of a couple of months and two losses, no, two heartbreaking, soul-sucking, gut-wrenching losses. One came via penalties to Atletico’s arch rivals after playing so well to get his side to the final. The next came in his home nation with an extra-time strike against a team France were heavily favoured to beat.

Let’s hope, as Rojiblancos, that he returns to Madrid and his friends gather round him, helping him to get back on track and win silverware next year, not for the club’s sake but for his sake! He is too good to keep losing like this.

He did finish the competition as the top scorer with six goals, but that will meant little to the fiery little Frenchman. He wants silverware and he deserves to have won at least one of those finals.

Twitter agrees, and here are some of the tweets in reaction to Griezmann and France’s Euro 2016 defeat: