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Diego Simeone says leaving Atletico Madrid was heat of the moment talk

Real Madrid v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Diego Simeone did not and never did have any intention of leaving Atletico Madrid. At least, that’s what he has said as he promotes a new book that chronicles the Argentinian manager’s battles with adversity.

The book is titled, ‘Creer. El desafio de superarse siempre’ (Believe: The challenge of always overcoming adversity) and Simeone knows a thing or two about adversity having suffered two defeats in three years in the Champions League final to Atletico’s bitter rivals.

Speaking about his comments after the most recent Champions League final defeat, Simeone eluded to the fact that he might leave the club and would have to reassess his situation.

He clarified his state of mind at the time and insists that it was nothing more than heat of the moment stuff and is excited to get back working with his players:

"After the final I was talking in the heat of the moment - we Argentineans are a bit like that. It's not the other team's fault for beating you - that's something you learn with time and which I learned a long time ago. Remembering the pain and the suffering is part of the process you need to overcome these setbacks".

"To reach an objective, you need patience and perseverance; you need to be willing to learn, you have to look around you and listen. Being a leader means knowing how to get along with others and give opportunities - it's also about believing. If you need to say something, say it in that moment because that moment will be gone and won't come back. Once you make a decision, it's very difficult to go back on it".