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Atletico Femina goalkeeper's social media celebrations after Champions League have come at a price

The female goalkeeper was spotted on instagram celebrating Real Madrid's win on penalties over their rivals

As we all continue to come to terms with the internet and its lack of privacy, Sara Ezquerro, Atletico Femina B goalkeeper has learned a valuable and costly lesson today.

The Real Madrid fan will not remain at Atletico Madrid after she was captured on instagram celebrating los Blancos' victory over Atletico in the Champions League final. The heartbreaking one that we lost on penalties and tore the heart out of every Atletico Madrid fan in the world.

Initially, Atletico were willing to ignore what had happened, but news has since broken that they will not be renewing the 17-year-old's contract this summer.

According to Marca's reporting of the story, she took to social media to explain how she understood the decision,

"Thank you for all these years, I understand the club's decision," she wrote.

"I hope that time puts everyone in their place, and we will meet again. I am very happy to have gone down this road together."