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WATCH: If Juanfran begging for forgiveness does not make you sad you are not a human being

The right-back appeard traumatized after missing his penalty and will need some time to get over the heartbreak

Clive Rose/Getty Images

There is no justive in football. Diego Simeone told us so on Saturday night after his side were cruelly beaten on penalties as they tasted defeat for the second time in three years in the Champions League final.

One of the cruelest aspects of Saturday night's defeat was the fact that Juanfran missed the only penalty during the shoot-out. The right-back has been one of Simeone's stand-out performers for the last number of years and has consistently potrayed calmness in the face of adversity.

In an ironic twist, if it wasn't for his penalty against PSV, Atletico would not have even had the chance to play in the quarter-final, let alone the final against Real Madrid.

The photos of Juanfran in tears after the game have been doing the rounds on social media. The video of him praying for forgiveness from the Atletico fans as they stand and applaud their hero would make the hair stand on the back of your neck. This Atletico team have faced adversity in the past and will hopefully do so again.