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Atletico Madrid President says Griezmann not for sale at any price

The comments come in light of Griezmann's agent saying his player might not be an Atletico player next season

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Atletico Madrid club President, Enrique Cerezo, has warned potential suitors off Antoine Griezmann in declaring his transfer cost as 'unpayable' following comments from Eric Olhats that his client was listening to offers from other clubs.

"Antoine Griezmann is an Atletico Madrid player," Cerezo told RMC on Wednesday (h/t ESPN).

"He also has a long-term contract with the club. I don't want him to leave."

Cerezo joked that the transfer fee required to pry Griezmann from Atletico is "unpayable" but he could not remember the exact fee inserted in his contract.

"I don't remember, but it's very high," he said. "It's in line with the value of the player."

The French attacker has a contract with the club until 2020 and his release clause it reported to be around €80 million. Given his age, his last two years at the club and the possibility of improving further, there are clubs out there how might be willing to make a chance on the 25-year-old at that price.

Brace yourselves for a full summer of this speculation.