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Ancelotti says Atletico are Real Madrid's biggest nightmare

The former Real Madrid manager knows all too well how tough Atletico Madrid are to play against

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Carlo Ancelotti told that Atletico Madrid are the worst team his former side could be facing on Saturday night. The two teams from Madrid face off on Saturday night as Diego Simeone tries to outwit Zinedine Zidane in the opposing dugout. It will be the second time in three years that the two clubs have played each other in the Champions League final.

"I think they are playing the worst team they could play because Atletico are a really, really tough team. They are team that concede nothing, not one opportunity. Every final is tough," Ancelotti said.

Ancelotti had praise for Simeone and understands how competitive the Argentine is, "I knew Simeone as a player.

"He was a tough player, really concentrated, and it's the same as a manager. I think he's really focused on the little details, so he was able to build a defensive organisation. Also, he has a really fantastic relationship with his players."

The last time the teams faced each other in the Champions League final, Real Madrid scored a late equalizer before going on to beat Atletico 4-1 on the night thanks to three goals in extra-time. There is a sense this time, however, that Atletico are fresher than they were two years ago and will have a point to prove against their Madrid rivals.