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André Carrillo to Atletico Madrid? It's very complicated

The 24-year-old was removed from Sporting Lisbon's squad in September 2015 and has not played since

Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Record, the Portuguese daily newspaper opened their Saturday edition with some surprising news: Andre Carrillo could land in Atletico along with Nico Gaitán for €50 million with Diogo Jota going to Benfica on loan.

The big surprise, obviously, being that Carrillo will become an Atletico player. It must be said that it is not the first time the Peruvian has been linked with Atletico, but this time it seems to be a little more complicated.

The player is still officially a Sporting Lisbon player but his contract expires in the summer on June 30th. The Portuguese side tried everything in their power to renew the players contract but he rejected them at every approach. They removed him from the squad and he has not played since September 2015. Benfica reached an agreement with him to bring him in as a free agent on July 1st and now it seems the Águias are looking to do business.

Spanish teams are only allowed three players without European passports and with the possible arrival of Nico Gaitan along with Jose Maria Gimenez and Angel Correa, there would be no room for Carrillo. In addition, unless Cholo changes his tactics completely, the wide midfield role will be well covered with Gaitán, Yannick Carrasco, Koke and Saul Niguez.

On Sunday morning, ABola reported that André Carrillo and Benfica could be in the middle of negotiations with Premier League sides what might seem more likely than a move to Atletico.

You can put these rumours in the "unlikely" pile as there seems to be just to much to overcome in order for a deal to happen.