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Gil Marín: Barcelona do not need this kind of help

Atletico's CEO did not mince his words when commenting on the refereeing performance on Tuesday night.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Atletico Madrid's CEO Miguel Ángel Gil Marín offered a scathing evaluation of the referee's performance on Tuesday. He also eluded to a hegemony by certain clubs over Europe's elite competition, which sees Atletico unfairly targeted by referees.

Having seen Fernando Torres getting sent off after 35 minutes and Luis Suarez avoid punishment for an obvious kick on an Atletico defender in front of the referee, Gil Marín said,

"Barca do not need this kind of help. Things like tonight take away the illusion of being able to compete on equal terms. The effort being made by this team does not deserve things like that,

He continued, "We want the same rules of the game. If Torres gets sent off, the same approach should apply to Suarez."

"Football is not the heritage of the eight biggest clubs in Europe. Football is for everyone and that should be the case," who added further, "Football can not be the dictatorship of the greatest."

Atletico must now face Barcelona at the Vicente Calderon knowing that they must score at least one while preventing their opponents from breaching their defense. The referee's performance has come under heavy scrutiny after Surez was eventually booked for a hand to the face of Luis Suarez but Gil Marín, among other, feel as though the scorer of both Barcelona's goals was lucky to have been on the pitch beyond the first half.