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Antoine Griezmann hangs out with Chris Brown


Life is pretty good for Antoine Griezmann right now. He scored his 15th goal of the season and notched an assist in Atlético Madrid's 3-1 win over Valencia on Sunday. He's regarded as the team's star and its version of Lionel Messi. He is poised to break out on an international stage at Euro 2016 this summer. Oh and here he is posing for a photo last night with American R&B singer Chris Brown.

How about that. Game recognize game. Looks like Grizi is showing off a new tattoo on his right arm as well, based on the typography utilized on the cover of Brown's 2011 album "Fame" (also describing a status he has rapidly acquired). Honestly, I just hope he was able to tell Brown how good he was on "The Life of Pablo" (seriously, he was phenomenal on "Waves"). I would say that's probably what I want most out of this encounter.

The man's made it, everyone.