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Diego Simeone's philosophy studied and published in Harvard Business Review

The philosophy referred to as El 'cholismo' takes a look at focusing on the short term in order to gain a longer term advantage

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Diego Simeone's era at Atletico Madrid has been studied and published in the Harvard Business Review, initially reported by Marca, as companies attempt to highlight just what makes the coach and the environment he has created so fruitful in terms of developing talent and creating a competitive advantage over the bigger teams in European football with fewer resources.

The article is written by Juan Manuel Maqueira Marín, Pedro Núñez-Cacho Utrilla and Beatriz Minguela Rata and is entitled "Game By Game: The Company focused on the short-term"

Simeone has overseen the most important period in Atletico Madrid's history having captured their first La Liga title in 14 years with their success during the 2013-14 campaign. They have also won the Europa League, UEFA Supercup, the Copa del Rey along with a Supercopa de España.

The review of 'Cholismo' focuses on the management of assets in the short term in an effort to gain an advantage in the long term. They will also focus on renewing and development of talent, motivation of the team and promoting motivation as an important factor, along with the flexibility of the changing environment and how to handle that.

There article can be read here in Spanish, but a subscription is required.